I am a contemporary surrealist artist based in Denver Colorado. My practice is fueled by the need to discover – to touch the untouchable.Through imagery on surfaces I can transform dark into light, invisible into visible and death into life.

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Like many artist my work is not limited to one genre, while surrealism remains central to my creative endeavors as it serves and fuels other interest ideas that often lead me down other paths, not considered typical surrealism. The human form continues to inspire and capture my interest The figure is a thread that has bound art throughout history. As art movements have come and gone, the figure has maintained its value as a muse for artist as well as capturing the interest of an audience. Another inspiration of mine is the resilience of nature. Especially animals, many who’s very existence continues to be threatened by humanity. I have recently started a series of pastel paintings titled “ The Eyes of the Endangered”, where the focal part of each composition is the window to the soul, the eyes.

If you enjoy the images I‘ve created, I have been successful. If the marks I have made touch you in such away as to promote a heightened awareness of a need to educate, act, or change you have witnessed and validated the power of art.



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